Download & Install Lando

Head over to the releases section of our GitHub page and download the version that makes sense for your operating system.

Double click the package in the download and consult the documentation if you have trouble.


Spin up your first app

Try spinning up a basic Hello World! app before spinning up more complex apps or trying any of our myriad examples.

# Create a new directory for this example and enter it
mkdir hello && cd hello

# And add a nice homepage
echo "<h1>Lando says hellooo what have we here?</h1>" > index.html

# Initialize a basic LAMP stack using the cwd as the source
lando init --source cwd --recipe lamp --webroot . --name hello-lando

# Start it up
lando start


Get setup for success!

We'll send you a welcome email with all you need to know to get the most out of Lando.

This will also include things like code examples, helpful development and support resources, project updates and a monthly digest of helpful Lando blog posts.